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Student Volunteers Needed This April

Canadian Cancer Society needs help

The Canadian Cancer Society is looking for student volunteers.
I am reaching out to the Stratford High Schools to inquire if your school would you be able to announce on your morning announcements all next week that we are looking for volunteers the next 2 weekends in April as part of our Daffodil Month Campaign.
The Canadian Cancer Society Huron-Perth Community Office is looking for volunteers in April as part of Daffodil Month. Volunteers will be in stores across Stratford handing out daffodil pins for a small donation. Shifts consist of 2 people for a 2 hour
timeslot. These hours can be applied to your community service requirements. If you are interested, please contact 519-271-4270.
We would also like to drop off volunteer posters to your school.
Thank you.

Carol Hertel
Fundraising Assistant, Huron-Perth Community Office
Canadian Cancer Society