60 St. Andrew Street
Stratford, ON N5A 1A3
Phone: 519-271-4500
Fax: 519-273-7118

Principal: K. Mills
Co-Principal: R. MacSorley
Vice-Principal: S. Richardson

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No Parking Zone at Front Doors

Please refrain from picking up students at the front doors

Dear Families of Stratford Central,

At the end of each day it becomes very congested with vehicles at the front of the school on St. Andrew Street. This congestion has prevented an Emergency Vehicle access to the school to help a person in need of care.

Please pick up students in the lower parking lot on Worsley Street or make arrangements to be picked up somewhere else away from the front of the school. The only vehicles coming to the front of the school should be vehicles picking up students with mobility issues. Vehicles should not be sitting waiting on the street in front of the school. This is a no parking zone. 

It is not uncommon for the school to need emergency personnel for medical situations.
Thanks for your assistance in making our school a place of easier access to Emergency Vehicles.