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Mental Health and Wellness

May 2 to May 6

At Stratford Central School, we take pride in listening to the needs of our students. In recent years, it has become apparent that our students want to learn tools to de-stress and practice selfcare in order to improve their mental health, academic performance and overall enjoyment of life. One in five teens in Ontario struggles with some form of mental health issue, and it is estimated that around 70% of mental health struggles start in childhood or adolescence. In an attempt to help all teens along their journey, a team of students and staff have developed the first annual, Health & Wellness Week which will take place Monday, May 2nd to Friday, May 6th.

During this week, students will become more aware of their mental health, the importance of taking care of it and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. The week starts with an assembly with guest speakers from the JACK Project followed by inspiring information, stories and performances by our students. The week progresses with lunch-time workshops that promote self-care such as yoga, meditation and art therapy. The culminating event occurs on Friday, May 6th. On this day, over 40 community professionals have committed to a session-based day of workshops that will help all of our students discover the benefits of taking care of their mental health.

The student members of this team feel it is important to reach out to fellow peers with the intention to foster a pro-active community at Stratford Central. This week was developed by students for students with the realization that health and wellness incorporates many aspects including social, emotional, physical and environmental components. The intention was to provide multiple access points for their peers to participate in a variety of activities that are included in the entire health and wellness spectrum. It is the hope that all students will be able to develop their personal health and wellness journey, by learning new habits for health that can be used for a lifetime!

Please visit the Ramsbeing website to learn more about the day, and the modules being offered.

Thank you, The Health & Wellness Team at Stratford Central