SCSS Specialist High Skills Major Program
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Course Selections

In order to maintain simplicity, only the courses pertaining to the SHSM will be outlined. It is understood that students within this program are working towards a successful completion of their Ontario Secondary School Diploma; for details regarding OSSD requirements refer to the Ministry of Education's website.

In keeping with the Ministry of Education's guidelines, all SHSM diplomas can be achieved in all four pathways (Apprenticeship, College, University, Workplace).

The SHSM is a two year program. However, it is recommended that students in grade 9 are to take an Arts and Technology credit. The intention of these courses is to assist students in determining their area of major focus by allowing them to explore a wide range of options.

Pathways Information:

For an up-to-date list of eligible courses to meet the requirements for the Arts & Culture and Information & Communication Technology SHSM programs please contact the Guidance department.

Please Note: Students will also take part in industry training and certification (WHMIS, CPR Level A, Standard First Aid plus 3 additional), Reach Ahead and Experiential activities.