SCSS Specialist High Skills Major Program
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Welcome to the SCSS Specialist High Skills Major site!

The Avon Maitland District School Board and staff at Stratford Central Secondary School are pleased that Stratford Central was selected in 2007 as one of the launch sites across the province to offer the Arts and Culture (AC) And again in 2009 Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Specialist High Skills Major program (SHSM). The artsCentral & digitalCentral program at Stratford Central Secondary School were chosen, based on evidence of an established program, strong community and post secondary education partnerships, the delivery of sector recognized certifications, and a cooperative education component.

The selection of Stratford Central as a provincial launch site is a testament to a long history of Arts & Media education, provider of the largest amount of Arts & Media course offerings in Huron and Perth counties and strong partnerships that exist in our community.