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Principal: K. Mills
Co-Principal: R. MacSorley
Vice-Principal: S. Richardson

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Welcome to Student Services!

Telephone: 519-271-4500

Mr. Cassone, Head, ext. 425
Ms. Donnelly, Counsellor, ext. 416
Ms. Brine, Counsellor, ext. 415
Ms. Fawcett, Secretary, ext. 418

The Student Services Department at Stratford Central provides opportunities for students to become self assured, independant, successful individuals by encouraging the use of our personal, academic and educational planning and career counselling services.

The department has, as resources to help inform the students, the most recent calendars, videos and other materials from community colleges, universities and private schools. Each fall, an extensive schedule of liason visits of the university and college representatives is available to students. The counsellors also provide information for the students to visit the campuses and tour the facilities. Students are assisted with the application procedure for university and/or college admission, for scholarships and bursuraries and for financial aid. Students are encouraged to see their counsellor for any of these reasons, or for any other services. The Student Services department welcomes parents and guardians to speak with any of the councellors concerning their child's needs or performance.

Guidance and Career Education Program
All grade 10 students take the compulsory Career Studies (.5 credit) course where they learn career planning opportunities through programs purchased for our computer network or provided by the government.

Assistance Programs Available in the School
Students may access assistance through a variety of resources such as noon hour help room, resource withdrawal, peer tutor, and after class teacher assistance.

Course Changes: Policies and Procedures
Students wishing to change a course should consult with their Student Services counsellor. Course transfers or changes should occur within the first three weeks of the school year. Students in difficulty should change course programs as soon as possible in the year. Students are expected to catch up on the work and all previous assignments to ensure an accurate evaluation.

Course changes and additions will not be processed after the first six weeks of the school year, except in highly extenuating circumstances, with the permission of the principal. Parental approval is required when students add/drop or change courses.